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EVE Larine Recieves award from Lundbeck

EVE Larine recieved an "Best Recent Development" award from Lundbeck.

On Friday the 14th of December 2012 EVE Larine was invited to attend an award winning function in the Hilton hotel in Kilmainham. It was hosted by Lundbeck Ireland who where giving the awards to those Centre's who they considered, "Centre's of excellence" There where originally over 30 Centre's from all over Ireland in the running for these awards. These were whittled down to just 8 and Larine were informed they were among that group. Accordingly a group of participants and staff from Larine traveled to the Hilton from and they were over the moon when they found they had been awarded 2nd prize which was a Cheque for three thousand euro’s for the Centre as well as lots of art books. 

"The people from Lundbeck Ireland who awarded the prize stressed that they were very impressed with the way Larine is so involved in the community of Maynooth especially on St Patrick's Day were we won 1st prize in the parade for 2012. We had plenty of help for that project, including Phoenix clubhouse, Ard Nua, Tuiscint, The Estaury, New Horizon, St Raphaels, Maynooth Library, NUI mental health association, support from EVE management and friends and family who took part so a big thank you to all of you one and all. All in all, Friday was a good day for Larine and I was very proud to be present at the awards". By Noel Brady, Larine Participant


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