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EVE Larine win 1st Prize

St. Patrick's Day Parade in Maynooth.

For the second year in a row, EVE Larine has won first prize for their entry entitled “Larine in Wonderland” in the Maynooth St. Patrick’s Day parade. Forget about the Electric Picnic; forget about the Oxygen festival…..the Maynooth St’ Patrick's Day parade is where it’s at. The streets were thronged with people to see the multi coloured event. It started with a snow blizzard and freezing cold but even through all of that, the parade goers could hardly contain their excitement about taking part with EVE Larine and Genil training centre In “Larine in Wonderland”.

We skipped, cycled and danced down the street to the original music “Sounds of Emotion” written and performed by the Genil participants.
There was a giant spider for the car made with old election posters painted and twisted into the shape of the insect, giant puppets, all sorts of different insects, praying mantis, beetles, butterflies, walking mushrooms and all these were to be as colourful as possible. Most important of all the props were all made from recyclable materials and in order to achieve this, we had to really think outside the box. Items such as the butterfly were made with old ladies scarfs and chicken wire. We got in touch with Enda Moran, the community artist who works with Genil training centre in Maynooth. Through meaningful artistic collaboration the two community groups from Maynooth came together to promote mental health and intellectual disability awareness in a creative way. The two separate groups met on a weekly basis and shared resources and knowledge in all areas of art/theater. This strong collaboration added a different dimension to the overall atmosphere in the centre.

EVE Larine is an occupational services centre in the heart of Maynooth. We cater for people with mental health difficulties, and provide our participants with lots of different activities, for example, Art & Ceramics, Horticultural Programme (Garden Centre), Catering programme, Independent Living Skills, Self Advocacy, WRAP, Pal activity, Trips/Outings and a hearty healthy meal on a daily basis.
Three years ago we were awarded a grant for €18,000 for the Grundtvig Project through Leargas. As part of this life long learning programme, we had to tell a story through street theater and drama. The story of Grainne Mhaol, the pirate queen of Ireland was brought to life on St. Patrick's Day 2012. Our participation in the parade included a huge float, giant puppets, and we tried to involve as many people from different organisations, including family, friends and people from the local community.
When St. Patrick’s Day was done and dusted, we as a group sat down and talked about the event and whether to go a step further, so we decided to go do it all again! We came up with the wonderful idea of ‘Larine in Wonderland’. 
The groups that took part were Genil training centre, St Raphael’s in Celbridge, family and friends, supporters of EVE Larine, Holly from the NUIM jugglers society, Barges and Barns circus theater group, Emma Lohan from Rivers and Crows, Claire Foley “Poi Artist”, Laura stunt artist and Enda Moran Community artists. They added an array of colour and movement with trikes, an instrument made of guttering pipes played with flip flops made by Hans and his team, saws played to make sound and original music made with sounds and words from the Genil group.

All of our efforts were well rewarded as we were announced to be the overall winner of the Maynooth St. Patrick's Day Parade 2013.
We offered our materials to the Kilteel Eadestown Comhaltas group to use in the Easter Naas Parade and they won the overall parade 2013. EVE Larine were thanked and congratulated for the wonderful work and their generosity.
Watch out for the Maynooth Parade next year as you will be in for yet another surprise!

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