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Cork Street
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Information / Publications 

EVE develop information and publications for internal and external usage.

Please find publications below:


   An Employers handbook to Mental Health 
                                                   entitled Just Ask 

    A Representative Committee training 
                                                      manual entitled Speak Up 

    A start Up manual for new and emering 
                                                     Clubhouses entitled 
                                                     EVE Clubhouse Start Up Manual 

   "Our Personal Stories of Recovery" 
                                                    - EVE's Recovery Stories handbook 

    Effective Relationships 
                                                      - A Good Practice Guide 

    Key Worker System - A Staff Guide

WRAP - A Guide to WRAP Programmes in EVE

Interview Skills Training - A Best Practice Guide


EVE Strategic Plan 2014-2018

  EVE Strategic Plan 2007-2013

EVE Strategic Plan 2004-2006


Evaluation the Implementation of the
                                                        RCI in Irish Mental Health Services
                                                        - Executive Summary

    Evaluation the Implementation of the
                                                       RCI in Irish Mental Health Services
                                                       - Evaluation Report

Evaluation of the Implementation of a
                                                   Community focussed Programme in Adult
                                                   Day Services - Evaluation Report 


National Reports:

    "Framework for the Training and 
                                                          Employment of People with Mental 
                                                          Health Difficulties" Report 

    New Directions 2012-2016 - Personal 
                                                       Support Services for Adults with 
                                                       Disabilities - Report 

    National Review of Autism Services 
                                                           - Past, Present & Way Forward 
                                                           2012 Report


    The Recovery Context Inventory 
                                                         (RCI) - Bramford Conference 2012 

    The Recovery Context Inventory 
                                                         (RCI) - IAS Newsletter Summer 2012  

Information Leaflets:

  EVE Strategic Plan  2014-2018 Leaflet

    Employers leaflet on Mental Health entitled "Just Ask"

Apsergers' Syndrome:

    Career Guidance for people with Asperger Syndrome 
    Asperger's Syndrome, An Introduction for Employers  


Applications for Service?


EVE continually offer a service to individuals who require a service. Please refer to the applications forms required.

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"Everyone's journey of recovery is unique. Each of us must find our own way and no-on can do it for us."
Patricia Deegan.

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