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Conaí host a Green Ribbon Get-Together

Beech Park Allotment

In honour of the See Change national Green Ribbon Campaign, Conaí Clubhouse decided to host a fun and laid back get-together at their allotment in Beech Park. It was an ideal location for all to meet and mix with people in the area.

The allotment itself is such a peaceful place dotted with lovely little sheds and fantastic splashes of colour from the plants and flowers. Every owner takes pride in their patch and you very quickly feel part of the community and inclined to chat with fellow gardeners whether it’s advice, weather talk or snipping’s you’re after. So that is why Conaí decided to host their event there.

The day itself couldn’t have gone better, everybody was chatting and all from Conaí made sure that everyone was well fed and watered. The sun was beaming and Gerry M made a heartfelt speech outlining what he felt was the most helpful way to support someone who is struggling. One of the things he said to avoid is telling someone to “snap out of it” or “cheer up” which he equated with telling a coma patient to wake up. The most important thing is to listen without judgement, don’t relate everything back to yourself and to ask that simple question “are you okay, do you wanna talk?”.

In Conaí, they are passionate supporters and advocates for mental health recovery and the Green Ribbon campaign resonates so well with their ethos. They encourage people to open up, talk, listen and share. Mental health difficulties are not confined to hospitals and mental health services - they affect all communities!

Small things can make the biggest difference to your wellbeing. Conaí’s “Welly to Belly” allotment group get such pride from growing and then eating their own produce. There is nothing as nice as being at one with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And nothing tastes as good as home grown! It’s as organic as you’ll get.

A big thanks to all their supporters on the day including Lidl, Woodies and SuperValu. Also to Charlie who brought along his guitar and got a sing-song going. For anyone who couldn’t make it, don’t worry you will catch all in Conaí next year for what will now be their Annual Green Ribbon get-together.


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