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Mindful Melodics

Season Finale 

Cairdeas Clubhouse will be attending the Season Finale of “Mindful Melodics” Choir, consisting of the Greystones Mental Health Team as well as Service Users and Carers. This event takes place outside The Happy Pear on Wednesday the 14th of June from 4pm for approx. 30mins-45 mins. Mindful Melodics is supported by HSE, in partnership with Friends of Newcastle and Bray Area Partnership.


This is the 3rd 'Greystones' event under the direction of Sam Kavangh conductor, pianist, composer and founder of The Lalala Choir, a group of 40+ singers that focuses on story-based projects and uses choral improvisation techniques to create their own arrangements. Sam Kavanagh


Mindful Melodics was set up and developed due to the increased research that singing in a choir can boost mental health. According to The Telegraph (June 13') singing in a choir can boost your mental health. Researchers carried out an online survey of 375 people who sang in choirs, sang alone, or played team sports. All 3 activities yielded high levels of psychological well-being - but choristers stood out as experiencing the greatest benefit. It is suggested that 'singing' triggers the release of "happy" hormones such as oxytocin, which is thought to help lower stress levels and blood pressure.

Cairdeas Clubhouse is excited at joining 'Mindful Melodics' on Wednesday 14th June and encourage others to attend and sing along.


Sam Kavanagh will return to continue this work in Greystones in September 17' so if are interested in Joining this choir please contact Christine Pelz:, 0867740729


Proceeds on this day will be donated to 'Friends of Newcastle".


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