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Sean Haughey, TD., awarded Certificates to Suaimhneas Clubhouse HSE/EVE Members

Self-Advocacy Training

On Tuesday 20th June 2017, members of Suaimhneas Clubhouse HSE/EVE were awarded certificates by Sean Haughey TD for their participation in Self-Advocacy Training, delivered by The Irish Advocacy Network.

Photo: (Left to Right) 
Liam Fitzgerald (Suaimhneas Clubhouse HSE/EVE Member,) Catherine Breen (Suaimhneas Clubhouse HSE/EVE Staff Member) Seán Haughey TD, Claire Brennan (Manager, Suaimhneas Clubhouse), Colette Nolan (CEO, Irish Advocacy Network) & Dr. Margaret Webb (General Manager HSE/EVE). 

14 members of Suaimhneas Clubhouse successfully completed the Self-Advocacy Training, the objective of the course is to develop the learners’ skills, confidence and self-awareness to enable them to speak for themselves. The course also encouraged learners to consider options and make decisions about their future. The course was run over 8 days, with a certification ceremony taking place on 20th June in the Darndale Belcamp Village Centre Conference Room. Staff and Members attended the ceremony, which was opened by Suaimhneas Member Liam Fitzgerald. Family, friends and special guests from a number of local agencies and organisations including the HSE Mental Health Engagement Office were also in attendance.


Participants Thomas Crosby and John Hughes delivered speeches about their experience on the course, what they learned and how they felt it helped them. Liam Fitzgerald also spoke about how the 14 members were taken on a “most exciting voyage of discovery, learning how to empower ourselves to seek to cultivate an independent, fulfilled, happy life.” Manager of Suaimhneas, Claire Brennan addressed everyone in attendance and explained how the Self-Advocacy Training was part of the clubhouse’s development programme for 2017, with one of the key objectives being; “to enhance the skills, talents and abilities of its members, enabling them to further connect to the community and achieve active citizenship”. Claire also spoke about how Suaimhneas members are intricately involved in all aspects of Clubhouse operation and promoting the rights of those who experience mental health difficulties.

Photo: (Left to Right) Seán Haughey TD and Thomas Crosby (Suaimhneas Clubhouse HSE/EVE Member)

About Suaimhneas Clubhouse

Suaimhneas Clubhouse is an innovative, member-led community based model for people with mental health difficulties. Clubhouse offers life-long membership and is built on the belief that every member can sufficiently recover from the effects of mental ill health and lead a personally satisfying life. Clubhouse activities are focused around the Clubhouses’ work units and social programmes, governed by proven standards, which, have been developed by Clubhouse International and are effective in over 320 Clubhouses worldwide.

For more information about Suaimhneas Clubhouse, contact us on: Tel: 086 057 9105


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