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Clubhouse Coalition

Cairdeas Clubhouse

On Thursday 24th August Cairdeas welcomed Staff and members from EVE Clubhouses to host a ‘Coalition Meeting’. Throughout the year Clubhouses fuse together with the mutuality of discussing issues and areas around Clubhouse Standards, marketing, accreditation, education, employment, initiatives etc.

It is an important part of keeping within the unity of ‘Clubhouse International’, expressing concerns, successes, adoption and advocacy. A common clubhouse goal is ‘recovery’ and every endeavour made is towards creating community and changing the ‘World on Mental Health’. Clubhouses powerfully demonstrate that people with mental illness can and do lead productive, happy lives.

On Thursday 24th August Staff and Members arrived from areas including CH07, CHO9 & CHO6 including (7 Clubhouses in EVE)  Rainbow ClubhousePhoenix ClubhouseSoal ClubhousePlatinum Clubhouse, Conai ClubhouseSuaimhneas Clubhouse and Cairdeas Clubhouse.  

It was a lively informative session about many issues surrounding community support and HSE boundaries. Promotional materials were on top of the agenda which resulted in an important discussion on ‘marketing’ Clubhouses within EVE. Other topics included the involvement of Kildare County Council in Transitional Employment, ‘Individual Placements’ from Genio, ‘Community Updates’ and ‘Opportunities in summer”.

As Cairdeas Clubhouse was the venue, Cyrille (Cairdeas in-house Chef) provided refreshments after which many Clubhouses were given a tour of their facility. The venue and date of next ‘Coalition Meeting’ is set for November 22nd at 11.00am at Phoenix Clubhouse.

Cairdeas would like to thank all Clubhouses (EVE) who attended this meeting at their facility in Bray and they very much look forward to seeing everyone again at Phoenix in August.

For more information about Cairdeas and what they offer please click the link: About Cairdeas.


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