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Social Inclusion Week 

What's it about?

On Monday 20 November at 12.00 noon Mayor Paul Gogarty launched Social Inclusion Week 2017 in the Council Chamber, County Hall, Tallaght.  Special guest is Sophie Spence (Star of the Irish Ladies Rugby Team). Phoenix Clubhouse, EVE were in attendance, as can been seen below.

Social Inclusion is about creating a society where everyone experiences full and equal participation in all aspects of life. South Dublin County Council remains committed to sustaining and enhancing efforts to improve the quality of life of all residents in the County.

The purpose of South Dublin County Social Inclusion Week is to highlight and promote the positive work that South Dublin County Council is involved in to reduce social exclusion and poverty. It is a programme of events organised by the Social Inclusion Unit, Community Services Department to highlight the diversity and creativity of people in South Dublin County. The Unit reaches out into all sections of the community, connecting many people and groups who are normally isolated and on the margins. It is an opportunity for people to learn new skills, share ideas and participate in their community.


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