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Kicks the Stigma for Mental Health Awareness 

Suaimhneas Clubhouse Kicks the Stigma for Mental Health Awareness with special guests Dublin GAA players Philip McMahon and Jack McCaffrey.

On Friday 18th May 2018, Suaimhneas Clubhouse HSE/EVE held their Green Ribbon event ‘Kick the Stigma’ as part of a month long national campaign to encourage people in Ireland to end mental health stigma.

The event took place in the Village Square at Darndale Belcamp Village Centre and was attended by members of the community, local schools and staff from services in the area. The event was launched by Suaimhneas Clubhouse member Catherine Bermingham who welcomed everyone and invited Sean Haughey TD and Suaimhneas Board Member, to say a few words. Sean spoke about the importance of starting conversations about mental health and how mental health should be given the same importance as physical health at a national level. Dublin footballers Philip McMahon and Jack McCaffrey took the first penalties to kick off the competition.

Suaimhneas Clubhouse would like to thank all the people who made this event possible, especially our members and staff, the team at Darndale Belcamp Village Centre CLG, our esteemed guests; Sean Haughey TD, Councillor Larry O’Toole, Philip Mc Mahon, Jack McCaffrey and all the local people who came to take part and show their support.

About Suaimhneas Clubhouse

Suaimhneas Clubhouse is an innovative, member-led community based model for people with mental health difficulties. Clubhouse offers life-long membership and is built on the belief that every member can sufficiently recover from the effects of mental ill health and lead a personally satisfying life. Clubhouse activities are focused around the Clubhouses’ work units and social programmes, governed by proven standards, which, have been developed by Clubhouse International and are effective in over 320 Clubhouses worldwide.

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