EVE Tuiscint

Art Exhibition

This art exhibition was created by the EVE Tuiscint Art group to raise awareness around Autism. EVE Tuiscint operates a HUB Model with a person-centred approach for adults with a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

The art exhibition was student-led in terms of the themes, with members from the Art Group picking their own subject matter and using their art as a vehicle for self-expression. The Tuiscint Art Group also came together to create group paintings for the show, the two largest watercolour Northern Lights paintings were created by groups. Team work is a very important part of our programme at Tuiscint, so it was inspiring to see the impressive works the group painted together.

According  to Aaron Donohoe, Tuiscint Student Artist 'Art is a way I can tell the audience a story, and let them know about how I feel without using words.'

The themes tackled in the individual artworks include self-portraiture, landscape painting with a focus on the spectacle of the Northern Lights, Fashion and Celebrity Portraits. Students used a mixture of art media including acrylic on canvas, watercolour on paper and clay.


Many family members of students also came along to see the artworks. Family members expressed enjoyment at having the chance to meet other students and their families. The exhibition was well attended by other HSE EVE centres, including Phoenix Clubhouse, Cairdeas Clubhouse, and Goirtín HUB, Martin McSorley from the HSE, Karen Molloy from EVE Slánú, and Una Gomez the Librarian at Ballyfermot Library, who offered much valuable support in hanging the exhibition.

Dominic Osborne, Tuiscint Student Artist opines: 'It's important for students to get positive feedback from other students and their families as it gives them a sense of pride and achievement in their artwork.'

The exhibition was covered by Paddy Barrett, The Echo, who has some wonderful photos of the event. Check out Tuiscint’s blog page top see more: https://evetuiscint.wordpress.com/2018/11/16/the-local-echo/


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