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EVE Plantmarket

What is EVE Plantmarket Training Centre?

EVE Plantmarket is a programme within the HSE for adults who experience mental health difficulties that helps to give them a new sense of self-esteem, new skills, opportunities and confidence. All programmes are QQI accredited and run on behalf of DDLETB.

Returning to work, or even knowing where to start looking for work when you’ve experienced mental health issues can be daunting

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Our Approach

We are known as an STP (Specialist Training Provider). All programmes are delivered in an environment where Recovery Oriented Practices are adhered to.

Less exams means more skill practical’s, projects, assignments and portfolios. Greater time allocation means no homework (assignments or projects are all done within the training hours within the centre).

Individual training plans allow us to make amendments where possible to training approaches and cater to individual needs; allowing us to offer customised tailored support solutions. In some instances accommodations can be made to the assessment process. Assisting with goal setting is a big part of what we do.

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Our Programmes

EVE Plantmarket gives people who may have experienced mental health difficulties an opportunity to develop career skills, personal confidence, social skills and to prepare them in a rounded way for starting out in work or progressing to further or higher education.

QQI Level 3 Employability Skills  18 months

QQI Level 4 Horticulture 24months

QQI Level 5 Retail Practice  24months


Hort Tools & Machinery

Retail Selling

Computer Literacy

Plant Propagation

Customer Service

Functional Maths

Horticulture Science

Retail Display

Career Preparation

Safe Horticulture

Marketing Practice

Personal Effectiveness

Plant ID Care & Maintenance

Work Experience

Outdoor Crop Production

Growing vegetables


Health Related Fitness

Work Experience

Word Processing

Customer Service/Team Work

Safety & Health

Why get involved?

  1. Training bonus of €20
  2. Small class sizes
  3. Increased chances of securing employment
  4. Meals provided free of charge
  5. Health & wellbeing built into all our programmes
  6. Social outings

Hours of Service

Monday to Thursday from 9am until 4pm
& Friday from 9am until 1:30pm.

How to Apply

An informal interview will be arranged to see if the service is for you and to ensure that you meet the entry requirements. You may be offered a sampling period.

The application forms will need to be completed by you and your medical team/GP and returned to the Centre Manager at the address below.

Please note that there may be a waiting list.

Contact Details
EVE Plantmarket, Blakes Cross, Lusk, Co. Dublin, K45 HX64

01 8437351 or email .

Find us on Facebook at @PlantmarketEVE

(01) 415 6805 (Apply for Services / Client Referrals) (01) 415 6827 (General enquiries)
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