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About Saol

Saol Clubhouse supports individuals on their road to recovery. It is a community that offers individuals hope and the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Clubhouse is a non-medical model and therefore the focus is on a person’s strengths, talents and abilities, rather than their illness. Clubhouse provides an environment of support and acceptance, and is committed to enabling individuals to live full and productive lives as active citizens in their community.




What happens in Saol?

The Clubhouse is organised and structured around the ‘work ordered day’. The work ordered day parallels typical working hours. Members are encouraged to attend as often as possible and volunteer as they feel ready, according to their individual interests.

Saol is divided into two main units, the Business and Social Media Unit and the Catering & Maintenance Unit, that are designed to manage the everyday tasks associated with the operation of the clubhouse. Members and staff work side-by-side as colleagues, to carry out all the work that is important to the Clubhouse.

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As a right of membership Saol Clubhouse provides members with opportunities and support to access paid or voluntary employment. Members can explore the potential for entering Independent, Supported and Transitional Employment (TE). TE is a highly structured programme for members returning to work in business and industry.

Saol Clubhouse encourages and supports members to access and sustain adult education opportunities in local schools and colleges.

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Members are assisted in accessing services and supports within their community; this may include housing, medical or psychological services, advocacy and entitlements.

Saol Clubhouse offers an evening social programme to any member who wishes to participate. These activities take place outside of the work ordered day and are decided and planned by our members.

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Hours of Service

Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 4.00pm

Friday: 8.30am – 3.00pm


Saol Clubhouse

Unit 14 Tolka Valley Business Park

Ballyboggan Road


Dublin 11

D11 DA38


Contact Details

Phone: 01 8307455

Mobile: 087 4065571

Fax: 01 8309455





(087) 8258674 (Apply for Services / Client Referrals) (01) 415 6821 (General enquiries)
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