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Cairdeas Clubhouse EVE

About Cairdeas

Cairdeas Clubhouse is first and foremost a community of people with mental health difficulties who work together towards the common goal of recovery. As with all Clubhouses, participants are known as “members” as opposed to patient or client. Clubhouses is a non-medical model so members are seen as unique individuals, who possess valuable talents, strengths and abilities which when combined, assist in making the Clubhouse come alive. This sense of membership, support and belonging are at the very core of the Clubhouse Model.

At present Cairdeas is running a blended service model with two on line activities daily and out of hour’s socials on line, we also do community meet ups and 1-1 meet ups in the community a few times a week. Attendance in Cairdeas is by appointment and is pod based having to do wellness checks on previous day, all the members who want to attend are accommodated to attend at least once a week.


What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse provides an environment of support, acceptance and is committed to enhancing the potential of each member, enabling individuals with mental health difficulties to live full and productive lives in the community.

The Clubhouse is organised and structured around the ‘work ordered day’. The work ordered day parallels typical working hours, focusing on the strengths, talents and abilities of members.

Members and staff work side by side as colleagues, to carry out all the work that is important to the Clubhouse. Members are encouraged to attend as often as possible and volunteer to participate as they feel ready, and according to their individual interests.



Cairdeas Clubhouse EVE

Unit H Solus Tower Industrial Estate


Co. Wicklow

A98 YK30


Contact Details

Phone: 01 2827951 / 01 2827952

Mobile: 0863922729

Fax: 01 2827953





The images below will give you a flavour of the activites we take part in: 

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(087) 8258674 (Apply for Services / Client Referrals) (01) 415 6821 (General enquiries)
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