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Resumption of Service

Resumption of Service 

EVE services remained very active over the past six months offering an Outreach service that included daily hot meal delivery (for our most vulnerable), weekend food packs, outreach phone calls, texts, group video activities for those with access to technology and wellness packs with activities for people to do at home.  We had four central meal hubs producing the dinners for our service users in Dublin, Wicklow & Kildare. These were the base for our staff who took on the role of drivers to support this vital service. In fact, we delivered over 3,000 dinners over the period of lockdown and over 600 weekend packs, which is something the teams are very proud of. Some  staff were also redeployed to front line service but the majority of staff were fully occupied ensuring that the Outreach service  maintained a constant link with each service user.  The motto was “the doors may be closed but the services are open”.

Over a period of three weeks we wound down the meal delivery service and all staff returned to their service on the 20th July. Since then we have been getting the buildings ready for on-site attendance and meeting small groups of service users in the community.  Staff and service users have co-produced a service resumption plan and have agreed that the service, from 10th August, will offer a blended model of service combining on-site (by appointment), community based activities and an Outreach service.  The quantum and style of service will be based on individual need and we are currently engaged in a robust PCP process with service users to ensure we address any issues arising from the recent experience of lock-down, developing contingency plans with each person in the event restrictions are re-imposed.

Our service users/members are extremely happy that our services have reopend, with one Clubhouse reciving the following message: 

"Delighted that the Clubhouse has reopened. I missed it so much. It has become such an important part of my life these last four years. I took it for granted in the past knowing it was always there whenever I need it, but never again. It’s a unique and important part of my life as important as family. It’s my family and I’m blessed to be a member. Thank you to all the staff, past and present". Cairdeas Clubhouse member

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