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Cairdeas Clubhouse Update

Hello to all Cairdeas Clubhouse supporters and stakeholders

It has been a challenging year for mental health services and Cairdeas Clubhouse HSE-EVE has been no different. However, from March to July Cairdeas' mantra was that ‘the clubhouse building may be closed but our community remains open’. They continued a variety of outreach efforts to support over 200 members in the Wicklow and South Dublin regions. Cairdeas also strove to keep the spirit of the clubhouse, co-production and recovery values alive across everything that they did.

Carideas created the CC Covid Activity Report Aug2020 which they hope captures their activity across this most challenging of times. It was co-produced, as always in the clubhouse, with members and staff working together side-by-side (and now remotely as well).

The clubhouse has now been open on a more limited basis since early September; Cairdeas have all infection control measures, PPE and signage in place, they are meeting with small groups of members in pods in the clubhouse and regularly in their local communities, as well as continuing with their phone and virtual outreach efforts. Please visit their blog for further updates.

Cover_CC Covid Activity Report Aug2020

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