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Advocacy in Action

Participants at New Horizon HUB were delighted to be asked to the viewing of the Advocacy in Action "We will not sit down and be quiet" Project video in EVE Forás HUB on the 21st February.

Tallaght arts 2

As a group, both participants and staff sat in silence, disbelief, awe, wonder and eventually pride at what they viewed on the screen. A powerful production that was hard to watch but equally impressive and empowering for all who participated in the project and sat amongst the group. On behalf of the participants and staff of New Horizon, tehy would like to congratulate the participants of Forás on this powerful project and hope to see the message conveyed being heard and acknowledged in all aspects of life.

"You call it work, we call it Home" will forever be etched in our minds for sure!!

Well done from all at New Horizon HUB

EVE Foras took part in a project with their community partners. Tallaght Community Art's DoubleTAKE Supported Arts studio were proud to present their Advocacy through the Arts film and portrait installation. Introducing this project they said,  "This Advocacy through the Arts project has been six years in the making and thanks to The Community Foundation of Ireland`s Older Persons Fund, The Arts Council & SDCC Arts & The HSE we have been able to realise it.

"Our Advocates, many of whom have spent their entire lives living and working within Ireland's institutionalised disability care sector, are standing with power and speaking out.

"Our Advocates stand shoulder to shoulder to claim their human rights and respect request your solidarity.  They do this not just for themselves but also for their peers, for those who are unable and for those who come in their stead.

"The exhibition /installation is a call to action - it invites us to examine our own unconscious bias towards those who live with a disability and those who require supports to thrive." 

"We are all living beings and that fact alone unites us in being deserving of full human rights, so,........ don't tell us to sit down and be quiet"  - The Advocates.

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