Living Well: Working Well

Mind Your Wellbeing Course, Goirtín HUB.

Goirtín HUB hosted the Mind Your Wellbeing Course which was facilitated by DNCC Health & Wellbeing facilitators Margo Brady & Sowmya Paul on April 17th April. 13 staff from across EVE locations participated on the day. It was a day to step away from normal duties and focus on our health and wellbeing. We had an interactive and fun day working on areas such as Practicing Self-Care, Understanding Our Thoughts, Exploring Emotions, Building Positive Relationships & Improving Our Resilience. One of the take homes from the day was that when we practice self-care we are better placed to support the individuals who use EVE Services.

It was a very beneficial course and is highly recommended for other staff to sign up for further courses which will be scheduled in the coming weeks and months!

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