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EVE Goirtín

EVE Goirtín

Goirtín HUB supports people who experience mental health difficulties to live their lives based on their own personal goals. The service offers a range of supports to enable each person to live a healthier, fulfilling and more independent life. We support people to get more involved in their community and develop their natural supports. This is achieved through a combination of centre and community modules & activities.

Our Programme

We provide a range of meaningful activities and programmes that change every 17 weeks. We support and encourage individuals to set and achieve personal goals. The programme focuses on individual needs in the areas of:
     * Life Skills
     * Community Integration
     * Vocational/ Employment Options
     * Health & Wellbeing
     * Social Events

Why get involved?

Goirtín HUB programme can support individuals to:
     * achieve personal goals
     * develop personal health & wellbeing
     * develop valued roles in the community
     * become a more active citizen
     * develop increased social skills and independence

Hours of Service

Monday to Thursday from 9am until 4pm
& Friday from 9am until 1pm.

How to Apply

The application forms will need to be completed by you and your medical team/GP and returned to the Centre Manager at the address below.
An informal interview will be arranged to see if the service is for you. You may be offered a sampling period.
Please note that there may be a waiting list.

Contact Details

Grangegorman Campus, Rathdown Road, Dublin 7, D07 XAH2
Tel: +3531 838 0952,  Mobile: +353863199793
Fax: +3531 868 3893
Email:       Blog:

(01) 415 6805 (Apply for Services / Client Referrals) (01) 415 6827 (General enquiries)
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